Ibrahim Omary

Ibrahim Omary

Ibrahim Omary was born in 1979 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. He is Nyamwezi by tribe which is unusual because most of Tinga Tinga painters belong to Makua tribe from south Tanzania. It was football which brought him close to Tinga Tinga Cooperative in 1998. He was hired as a football player to the Cooperative's team.


Ibra started to paint when he was a boy of 17 years old and he learned to paint in Tinga Tinga style from Mr. Saidi  Omary. Unlike most painters, the drawing is not his only job. Occasionally he works as a car driver and cock. He also masters basics of English language since he is one of few painters who studied until form four.


He had an exhibition in National Museum of Tanzania. He likes to paint different animals.



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