Mussa Yasini

   He worked with Tinga Tinga group from 1977 to 1986. He lived in Msasani with his sister-in-law and first he sold petrol on the street. He saw the paintings and asked the painters to teach him. He came to house where Kamale Hasani and Saidi Chilamboni painted. They taught him. After he learned painting he left his work selling the petrol.  He sent the paintings to Morogoro Stores where they were sold.
   He was not of Makua origin as other painters which made him different. He came from Iringa in 1976, he was Hehe by tribe. He had no relationship to the painters, he was only their friend. The only connection to art was through his sister-in-law who was married to a painter called Mrinja, also Hehe.
   Later in 1986 he moved to Dodoma and there he married a lady from Gogo tribe. He sent his paintings to Arusha. Occasionally he visited even Nairobi and sent paintings there. Last time he visited Dar es Salaam and painters again was in 1998 but shortly after he left for Iringa, his home district. Then the painters have never heard of him, he died there.
   It is not known if some of his family members or friends still paint. He signed M.Yasini.