Chaz Msoga

I was born on 13th December, 1983 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The first child in a family of seven children. My father worked with several employers which required him to move frequently.


I began artistry in my childhood days when I was in primary school. I could pick up a tree branch or a torn cloth and make funny designs. After completing my primary education I began preliminary art classes at the Russian Cultural Centre in Dar es Salaam. This early career was inspired by teachers like Mr. Ernest Mtaya who himself has made a big name in art. My desire for doing art continued while attending secondary education at Mbezi Secondary School in Dar es Salaam.


After completion of secondary education I joined the Mtwara Vocational College (VETA) for painting and art lessons then joined the African Development Through Economics and the Arts which is being run by Mr. Dougllas Mcfalls and American citizen living in Mtwara. He has done a lot to promote youth through arts and we are now being encouraged by him to start our own co-operative society.


My ambition is to become an accomplished artist and guitarist. At my age I am looking forward to continuing my career as an artist by getting exposure from outside Tanzania and attending exhibitions which will introduce me to other artists.




2009-2010: Makutano Art Exhibition in Dar es Salaam, sponsored by ADEA

2009: Christmas Art Fare in Arusha, Tanzania, sponsored by ADEA