Sayuki is known for his colorful shetani style paintings, which are not much different from those of George Lilanga. Sayuki is born in Ndanda in south Tanzania but as many other artists he moved to Dar es Salaam. Simply the business is better here. He lives in Mbagala. He spends most of time socializing with Max Kamundi and Noel Kapanda. Actually they shared same roof during different periods of time. (Now Max Kamundi is living and working in same house as Noel Kapanda - brother of Damian Msagula)


Sayuki Matindiko and his son Stamili - I have always seen them in yellow T-shirts - for two years...


After divorcing his wife, Sayuki moved with his new girlfriend and his son to a house in Mbagala, part of Dar es Salaam. They rent two rooms out of 6-8 for 15.000 Tsh per month (ca $13) but the electricity is expensive (ca $8 per month) The son is called Stamili and is around 20 years old. He has his own style but at the same time is helping his father if he has big order. Unfortunately Stamili is not as skilled as his father so it is easy distinguish who painted the painting.....But later it could be more difficult.


Author: Daniel Augusta
Date: 24.06.2008