Salum Kambi

Salum Kambi

    Salum Kambi (he signs his artworks as Sanii Kambi, sanii = artist in Kiswahili) was born on April 10th, 1970 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. His painting "start-up" comes from the days when being in Primary School. He made the drawings of his schoolmate, kind of caricatures. Later on when finishing Primary School, Kambi was nominated as the best school artist. He is a self-taught artist who has been improving his skills in various workshops organized by art teachers or artists mainly from Germany. A big inspiration for Salum Kambi is a Tanzanian well established painter Raza Mohamed. No wonder - they don´t live far away from each other in Mwenge, part of Dar es Salaam. Another source of inspiration was his father (though not a painter) who passed recently as Salum Kambi acknowledged in an interview with Afrum 
    Kambi has been able to bring out a total different approach to canvas oil painting by his technique, using either a palate knife or a fine brush, sometimes both. He loves painting women as he strongly feels that women in Africa sacrifice a lot for the family lives. He is a member of the Wasanii arts group. He has been exhibiting his art among other places in the Netherlands, Sweden and naturally in Tanzania.  In 2004 he was selected for the African Art Festival in Rome, Italy.  The same year one of his paintings was chosen for the reception building of the State House, Dar es Salaam. In summer 2008 his paintings were exhibited by Shambala Gallery in Danmark which is working closely with the Czech Embassy in Copenhagen. Salum Kambi is painting currently in the USA.

Salum Kambi asked me to publish his telephone number so here it is: +255 713 392 268


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Paintings by Salum Kambi

Interview wtih Salum Kambi