About my tribe Fipa and the region Sumbawanga

The land of Fipa tribe, is in south west of Tanzania, a region called Sumbawanga bordering to deepest African lake – Tanganyika.
You can spend 19 hours by bus from Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania situated at the Indian Ocean.
This is place where I was born some years ago, the place where my tribe fipa lives..
The fipa tribe lives in two difference areas. One of the fipa community lives in land up hills.

And others lives in Rift Valley, in the beautifully flat landscape which is covered with natural forests.
That is the place where I am coming from.
The fipa tribe is good at farming, fishing, keeping domestic animals and hunting and is one of best in special knowledge of tradition medicine from natural plants which is covered around their residences.  

Since long time ago the Fipa tribe has been known because of  their cultural of teaching children and adults  how to live in community through the stories telling.
Grandfathers and grandmothers or adults were telling stories every evening, while children were seating round of the fire.
That it was one of the ways of  teaching children and adults, namely through the stories.
Those stories were divided in two groups, children’s stories and adults’ stories.
 The story was chosen depending on which things were important to speak about or  to warn about on that day.


Author: John Kilaka
Date: 17.10.2007