How itís hard to collect stories.

The ufipa land is the part where you canít find a good transport, just a few pick up cars in the summer.
The community who lives in that area they must walk by foot some hours  for getting  where they want to go, using the natural ways.
Just only few people they have bicycle which they can use for getting fast where they want to go.
Every day at dawn I was walking by foot, some hours, looking for people who know the stories.
To walk by foot for hours is hard if you want to work well, later I rented bicycle from my host so that I could be able to get in some places where I wanted to go for finding story tellers.
The search for stories is one of the hardest works,
Because the cultural of telling stories is not available any more, so is not many people who know stories.
So it was necessary to me to spend time riding the bicycle looking some one who knows perfect stories.
To find the stories is the hard job which you are not sure if you will succeed.
When you meet with some one you have to ask him in good communication if he knows the stories, If not you have to move to try to ask other people.
It is hard job which you need to have respect for and good communication with people, otherwise you canít succeed to get stories.
But also it is enjoyable job if you get lucky day to succeed to get the best story teller or some one who still remembering as well the stories.
Soon you will enjoy listening to amazing stories!!

Author: John Kilaka
Date: 18.10.2007