Agustino Malaba, teacher of George Lilanga and producer of Lilangas sculptures, is my guide. It took half a day to find the house of Karintos children, south of Dar es Salaam. There we found Robert Karinto with old man - brother of Lidimba Karinto who died in 1992.


Young Karinto washes burial place of his father - Lidimba Karinto


After George Lilangas death, the market for the famous Lilangas sculpures dried up and Robert lost income. Now - both Robert and Amandes, children of Lidimba Karinto live in poverty. They do not have any cutomers any more. They wonder why their work to which they devoted so much time and got paid so little by George Lilanga is proclaimed as "fake". They asked:"What did Lilanga, if anything...?"


Karinto brothers were neighbours and good friends with Lilanga´s family - until George Lilanga died and his children took over.

Author: Daniel Augusta
Date: 21.06.2008